Thursday, March 08, 2007

A New Blogger with a Crossover Post

A friend of mine, Jim Todhunter, just started a new blog on innovation. One of his first posts is worth sharing with this leadership community. Jim highlights that to overcome resistance to change the team needs:
  1. A clear problem (some say a burning platform)
  2. A vision of the improved state
  3. A plan for action
  4. The pain of change must be less than the pain of the problem

Welcome to the blogging community, Jim.


James Todhunter said...


Thanks for the mention. I have been pleased with the very warm reception I have received from the blogging community.

Of course, finding ways to foster a strong and healthy culture of innovation is a topic that is near the top of most C-execs' agenda these days. I hope you will find of discussion of continuing interest.


Troy Worman said...

Excellent reference. Thanks for the link.