Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crate&Barrel Responds to Product Feedback

I saw a coffee mug at Crate&Barrel on-line that I liked but noticed the review feedback was poor. Negative feedback on a mug struck me as odd, so I took a look. Apparently the glaze would crack in hot water. So, as long as you didn't drink coffee out of it, this was a great coffee mug.

Fortunately, Crate&Barrel added this note:

Good news. We are pleased to report that after listening to your Crate and Barrel review comments for the Latte Mug, we have worked to improve its quality and are now shipping a new better mug. If you have the original Latte Mug and would like to talk to us, please call 800.967.6696. Thank you for taking the time to write a product review. We read each and every one to help us make our products and services the best they can be. Your feedback is important…and appreciated.

Like many companies on-line, Crate&Barrel lets customers leave feedback, even negative feedback. That takes some leadership courage. And Crate&Barrel took the extra step of fixing the problem and responding to the feedback. Leadership in business means building customer satisfaction and maintaining the company's reputation for quality, not just taking the customer's money.