Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leadership Analogies from Fishing

A good way to learn is to apply analogies from other fields and see where they lead us. For example, what can we learn about leadership from fishing?
  • Go to where the fish are.
  • Different fish like different bait.
  • You need to be patient to catch fish.
  • Shh, you'll scare the fish.
  • There are lots of lures in your tackle-box.
  • You have to clean your own fish.
  • You need to be prepared with a container to take fish home in.

I will let you attach meaning to these analogies. [I might just make a series out of this.]


James Todhunter said...

Hey, Ken,

What a cool idea! After reminiscing about fishing with my dad on Sunday mornings, I thought of a few lessons from my own fishing experience (and my take on their business relevance).

- Be ready to watch someone else’s line (business analogy: step up to do what needs to done, not just what's on your plate)

- Sometimes you have to cut your line (business analogy: don't let getting to enamored of something cause you to loose sight of the big picture)

- Live bait really works better than lures (business analogy: be active, not passive)

- Go early when the fish are biting (business analogy: you have to make it easy for your customers)

- Read the fishing report (business analogy: do your homework to understand your changing market)



Ken Flowers said...

Thanks Jim,

I like your additions. This concept feels like it will work with so many fields.