Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Survival of the Most Adaptable

Today at Slow Leadership there is a post about how cleverness and adaptability are more successful traits in a leader than hard-driving toughness.

Species success among birds depends mostly on being clever or adaptable—like starlings, crows, doves and sparrows. Those that need specialized diets and environments, even massive birds of prey, are always vulnerable to extinction.

Give some thought to your company culture and your own approach to leading. Are you able to adapt to changing circumstances, or are you heading toward extinction as your market landscape inevitably changes? The post is worth a read.

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Adaptable Leadership said...

IBM published results from a study on the "DNA of an Adaptable Workforce." In it they report that only 14% of companies feel very prepared to adapt to change. This is alarming and I think answers your question, "Are you prepared to adapt to change." The successful leaders of tomorrow know how and when to adapt. Adapt or Die will be the mantra of the leaders of the future!