Friday, August 31, 2007

Outstanding New Innovation Blog

I like the leadership that Troy Worman at Orbit Now has taken. He has created an award for outstanding new bloggers with a badge they can proudly display on their blogs. Troy leveraged his credibility with his community to have fellow bloggers like me give out the initial round of awards. Troy's leadership builds cohesion in his blogging circle, and gives encouragement (and some additional traffic) to burgeoning bloggers when they need it the most. Well done Troy.

I'm giving an award to Jim Todhunter at Innovating to Win. Jim is a long-time friend and recent blogging colleague. I appreciate that Jim creates meaningful new content in each post, adding to the discussion instead of simply reframing it. Jim, you can display the badge of Outstanding New Blogger:


Troy Worman said...

Ken... Thanks very much for the kind words and kudos for recognizing the contribution of an outstanding new blog. With this recognition, you have connected the unconnected and that is an awesome thing. Every link strengthens our community! Thanks again, Troy

James Todhunter said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the recognition of Innovating To Win. It has been fun blogging these last six months. Thanks to the great interaction with readers and other bloggers, I expect it only to get better.