Thursday, December 07, 2006

Testing Your Vision

I won't enter the debate on the distinctions of calling it a vision, strategy or mission. This vision thing is not a magic incantation. It is a tool for leading your team to the successes they want to achieve. Here are some simple tests to see if your vision is a good tool for your team:
  • Will this vision motivate me to lead my team?
  • Can I clearly and concisely communicate the key points of this vision?
  • Can I sell this vision to my team and the other stakeholders?
  • Is this vision about the team’s goal and not my personal goals?
  • Will this vision motivate my team toward the goal?
  • Will this vision allow my team to make progress without direct assignments?
  • Will this vision help us prioritize our work?
  • Does this vision tell us what not to do?

It comes down to a few simple points: Test that your vision is clear, shared and actionable.


Steve Farber said...

That's a great list, Ken! I'd add one thing: "Do I personally embody and demonstrate the spirit of this vision in everything I do at work everyday?"

Something like that...

Mike said...


I agree with Steve that your list is a really powerful one. Steve ups the ante with his addition, but the world would be a lot better place if every leader asked him- or herself that questions daily.


Ken Flowers said...

Thanks Steve and Mike. It's a good addition to the list. I like "Can I demonstrate the vision in my daily work?"

Just as importantly, it is an excellent tool for communicating the vision. If your team doesn't see the impact of the vision on your behavior, they will have to wonder why it matters to them.

Mike said...

I meant to say "AND the world would be a lot better place if every leader asked him- or herself that on a daily basis"



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